Paddle Canada Level 1 Skills

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Paddle Canada Level 1 Skills represents the second stage within the Paddle Canada personal sea kayak skills progression.

This program holds a pivotal role in the overall Paddle Canada Scheme, as it serves as a foundational building block for personal kayaking development. Throughout the course, participants will receive an introduction to fundamental paddling techniques, which serve as the cornerstone of their ongoing paddling advancement. Over the span of two days, this comprehensive program delves into a diverse array of crucial topics necessary for planning day trips along the Atlantic coast and other waters beyond.

Experience a thorough and enjoyable initiation to ocean paddling. Over the course of two days, this program is centered around honing fundamental skills essential for orchestrating day-long journeys in conditions featuring moderate winds of less than 15 knots and ample landing possibilities.

The curriculum covers a range of crucial subjects, encompassing safety, navigation, equipment handling, paddling techniques, and rescue procedures. Our emphasis will be on mastering both assisted-rescues and self-rescue techniques.


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