Program Price$ $35 $50 or $85

Program Dates:  January 27, February 3, 24, March 2, 23 or April 6, 2024


We are fortunate to have a large swimming pool to use during the winter months. This program allows you to bring your own kayaks into a warm, clean pool to practice and develop your skills.  When it comes to capsizing a sea kayak there is a range of emotional and physical responses.  This program is designed to allow you to explore the limitations of stability, build confidence and control, and most importantly how you will react when the kayak capsizes. 

Join us in the pool to broaden your understanding of what can be done in a sea kayak and become more comfortable above and below the water. 


* Build confidence and control in your kayak while working on bracing, recovery and support strokes

* Develop your roll under the guidance  of our coaching team 

* Learn the rolling progression 


During the 2-hour time slot 

 Self Guided: Come work on your own skills under the watchful eye of our coaching staff 

Bracing, Stability and recovery:  Join us in the pool for a formal session on blade awareness, support strokes and preventing capsize in a comfortable, warm pool  

Learn to Roll: The sessions will then work through the rolling progression.

Program Venue:

We will be using the pool at the Rath Eastlink Community Center Pool in Truro.  The aquatic facility boosts an 8 lane, 25m pool, plus a shallow area that we will use for rolling instruction.

Equipment Requirements

Students are required to have all their own paddling gear to participate in this program. If you do not have your own kayaking gear,  we  offer equipment rentals for our pool this program.  Sea kayak gear rentals are $30 and includes P&H Sea Kayak, Lendal Paddle, skirt, bailer, throw rope and helmet (if the program requires it). Equipment rentals should be arranged in advance of the program to ensure availability.

“Sea you on the water everyone”