Program Price: $575

Program Dates: October 4-6, 2024


As autumn graces the Great Lakes, the winds begin to strengthen, and the waters take on a livelier character. Join us for an unforgettable three-day kayaking adventure amidst the stunning beauty of Bruce Peninsula. While this region thrives with tourists during the peak of summer, it transforms into an enchanting haven as the tourist crowds disperse and the weather undergoes its seasonal shift, making it an ideal destination for our paddling escapades.



This weekend serves as a season wrap-up event, bringing paddlers together to celebrate the culmination of our paddling season. Each day will feature day-long sessions, and participants will be grouped based on their abilities. We warmly encourage individuals of all skill levels to register for this weekend.

A detailed program schedule will be developed once we have a better understanding of the participants joining us. We will also arrange a Zoom call with all students to discuss their goals and expectations for the weekend.

Who is eligible for this program?

This weekend is open to participants of all skill levels; however, it may not be suitable for brand-new paddlers who have not undergone any formal sea kayak training in the past. We are more than willing to have a preliminary conversation with you to determine if the program aligns with your needs and objectives. A minimum of Paddle Canada Level 1 certification is required, and Paddle Canada Level 2 Skills and above are most appropriate.

Program Locations

– Lion’s Head
– South Hampton
– Red Bay
– Cape Croker
– Sauble Beach

On Saturday evening, we will coordinate a potluck gathering at one of the Airbnb accommodations that we have secured for the event.

Equipment Requirements

Students are required to have all their own paddling gear to 

“Sea you on the water everyone”