Navigation 4 outdoor people

Navigation 4 outdoor people


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Navigation 4 Outdoor People

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Time: 9:00 to 4:00

The morning portion will be classroom-based and the afternoon will take part outdoor.  Participants should bring gear to be outside for the afternoon portion of this program

Aims of the program:

Morning Portion (Class Room)

  • We will start off looking at Marine harts ad Topo maps and identify the difference of each
  • We will work on measuring distance, identifying different land formations and symbols that are used on them
  • We will work on taking bearings on both

Afternoon Portion (Outdoors)

  • Real-world navigation techniques
  • Shooting bearings and following them
  • Identifying features in the real world and relating them to a chart and map
  • figuring out where you are if you need help and who to call in case of emergency


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