Shubie River Run

The Shubenacadie River is one of the most unique paddling environments you will ever paddle.  We are blessed to have this venue in our backyard to paddle as often as we can. We called it the Shubie and you will be all smiles when you paddle it. Program Venues Shubenacadie River starts at Maitland and runs to Green Creek.  We set up a shuttle in advance so we do not have to paddle back down the river on the ebb tide. Click here for more details


Brier Island Weekend

Brier Island Brier Island, Nova Scotia, Canada

Stuck out in the Bay of Fundy are two small Islands Brier and Long Island. The water that moves up into the Bay of Fundy every tidal cycle is forced around these two Islands causing some very interesting places to paddle Program Aims Learn strategies for working in a dynamic tidal environment Practice personal competence in placement, time and movement in tidal environments. Practice group awareness and incident management in a tidal environment. Visit one of the nicest coastal communities in Nova Scotia and experience island living at its best Click here for more details on program


Paddle Canada Level 4 Skills Program

Participants will focus on the skills necessary for leading and managing groups in moderate sea states and tidal conditions with currents less than 4 knots. You will be exposed to leadership principles to work with groups in limited landing zones, surf beaches, and rescues in advanced conditions. We will also work on personal competencies in these conditions. This program is physically demanding, and participants must be prepared to paddle for long periods in challenging conditions. Brier Island and then a 3-day expedition in the Tusket Islands. Get More Details About this program



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