Sea Kayak Pool Program

Rath Eastlink Community Centre 625 Abenaki Rd, Truro, Nova Scotua, Canada

We're truly fortunate to possess an expansive swimming pool at our disposal, especially during the winter months. This initiative offers you the opportunity to bring your own kayaks into a well-maintained, warm pool, providing an ideal setting for honing and enhancing your kayaking skills. When it comes to the art of capsizing a sea kayak, a variety of emotional and physical reactions can emerge. Our program is meticulously crafted to enable you to push the boundaries of stability, cultivate self-assurance and mastery, and most importantly, understand your own responses when faced with a capsized kayak. We invite you to join us […]


Paddle Canada level 1 Instructor

Sir Sandford Fleming Park 260 Dingle Rd, Halifax,, Nova Scotia, Canada

This is the second rung in the Instructor development scheme within Paddle Canada. May 27-30 Program Aims Develop and demonstrate a systematic approach to identify common mistakes and how to fix them Develop and demonstrate the ability to deliver feedback to participant while on the water Demonstrate the ability to lead sessions with different coaching principles Demonstrate the structure of practice and how to measure performance Develop lesson plans to deliver the Paddle Canada Level 1 Skills program Click here for more details on Program



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