Paddle Canada Level 2 Skills Weekend 2

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Paddle Canada Level 2 Skills in sea kayaking marks the subsequent stage in the Paddle Canada skills progression. This program spans over two weekends, allowing for comprehensive skill development. The first weekend unfolds in the Halifax area, offering two evening sessions focused on rolling techniques. The second weekend takes place in West Pubnico, an ideal location for exploring tidal currents, surfing on beaches, and navigating various terrains, presenting more intricate challenges such as wind, waves, and tidal currents.

The journey begins with a personal paddling skills day, with each day building upon the previous one.

Shared accommodations at the kayak clubhouse are included in the registration fee for the second weekend (Friday and Saturday Night) enhancing the overall experience.

Dates for the program are

  • June 1-2 Halifax Area,
  • June 5 and 12 Evening rolling practice 
  • June 15-16 Weekend 2 West Pubnico 

This program format will take place over two weekends.  This option has proven beneficial for three reasons:

  1. Time to process the information
  2. Conservation of your vacation day from work
  3. Time to practice the techniques between weekend.


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