Coastal Touring Skills 1.0

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If you’re experiencing a sense of uncertainty following your Paddle Canada Level 1 sea kayak skills certificate and are seeking the confidence, community, and support essential for honing and mastering the skills acquired during the Level 1 program, then this offering is perfectly suited to your needs. Join our experienced sea kayak coaches as we venture into diverse Level 1 environments, ensuring you can bolster your skills with confidence. Additionally, you’ll have time between programs to practice what you have been working on, further solidifying your abilities.

This 3-day program builds upon the activities and themes of previous programs.

The meeting place will be the 5K Cafe due to its proximity to the many paddle options for the day. 

Program Venues We have a number of different venues that can be utilized during the program. Venues are chosen based on the needs of the student as well as weather forecast. Possible locations:

  • Terrance Bay – rock hopping, confidence and control
  • West Dover – rock hopping, confidence and control
  • Clam Harbour –  kayak surfing
  • Sambro Island – On water leadership, confidence and control


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