Program Price: $750

Program Dates: June 1-2 and 15-16. (Evenings June 5,12)


Paddle Canada Level 2 Skills in sea kayaking marks the subsequent stage in the Paddle Canada skills progression. This program spans over two weekends, allowing for comprehensive skill development. The first weekend unfolds in the Halifax area, offering two evening sessions focused on rolling techniques. The second weekend takes place in West Pubnico, an ideal location for exploring tidal currents, surfing on beaches, and navigating various terrains, presenting more intricate challenges such as wind, waves, and tidal currents.

The journey begins with a personal paddling skills day, with each day building upon the previous one.

Shared accommodations at the kayak clubhouse are included in the registration fee for the second weekend (Friday and Saturday Night) enhancing the overall experience.

Program Aims

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This program is tailored to enhance and consolidate your sea kayaking proficiency. Throughout the course, we will focus on integrating strokes into coordinated maneuvers, fostering your navigational confidence, introducing you to the art of sea kayak surfing, honing solo and group rescue skills, and advancing your roll technique.

A primary objective of this program is to paddle in more demanding and varied environments alongside other level 2 skills paddlers. Leadership within a peer group is paramount, with decisions being collaboratively reached as a team. The topics of group leadership and collective decision-making will also be explored as developmental opportunities for those aspiring to progress to the Paddle Canada Level 3 skill level.

The program spans two weekends, with the inclusion of two evening sessions, providing paddlers with ample opportunities to practice and refine their paddling skills.


Who is participating in this program? 

Students must have Paddle Canada Level 1 Skills or equivalent to participate in this program. We are happy to chat with you in advance to sea if the program meets your needs and goals.

Program Venues

Weekend 1 West Dover and Sambro

Weekend 2 Argyler River, Cape Sable Island


By participating in this program, you will be eligible for assessment based on the Paddle Canada certification scheme. Clearly defined outcomes have been developed by Committed 2 the Core Sea Kayak Coaching that will be used during an ongoing assessment process. Outcomes will be discuses during the Online learning segment of the program.

You will have the opportunity to ask question and get clarification on what the following Paddle Canada assessment terms mean:

  • Full Pass
  • Conditional Pass
  • Incomplete

Student are not required to be assessed if they do not wish to receive the certification and want to use this program purely as a development opportunity.

C2TC Classroom – Online learning

As part of this program we will be offering a series of online learning opportunities that will take place before the start of the program. The Classroom will give you an opportunity to ask questions about the program, question about gear requirement, meeting location and flow of the program plus plant seeds that will grow during the program.  Homework assignments will also be given to support your learning during the program. These classroom programs have proven to be evaluable during the COVID-19 social distancing initiative. Details will be sent to you once you register for the program

Equipment Requirements

Students are required to have all their own paddling gear to participate in this program.  We do offer equipment rentals for this program.  Dry suits can be rented for $30 per day, sea kayak rentals are $75 per day and includes P&H Sea kayak, Lendal Paddle, skirt, bailer, throw rope and helmet if the program requires it. Equipment rentals should be arranged in advance of the program to ensure availability.

“Sea you on the water everyone”