Program Price: $975

Program Dates: May 4-8, 2024


At Committed 2 the Core Sea Kayak Coaching, our Paddle Canada Level 3 Sea Kayak program stands as a testament to our commitment to fostering leadership, seamanship, and exceptional performance in paddlers. This advanced level course is designed to cultivate not only technical proficiency but also the ability to lead and navigate with confidence in diverse maritime environments. Through comprehensive instruction and immersive experiences, participants achieve Level 3 outcomes by honing their advanced paddling skills, refining their navigation techniques, and mastering open water maneuvers. Central to our approach is the exploration of various leadership models, empowering participants to lead effectively in both calm and challenging waters. Understanding the dynamics of group interaction is crucial, as our participants learn to work harmoniously with fellow members, ensuring safety and cooperation throughout their journeys. Furthermore, our program places a strong emphasis on leadership through challenge, encouraging participants to harness their resilience and decision-making skills when confronted with unexpected situations. At Committed 2 the Core, we take pride in equipping sea kayakers with the expertise and leadership acumen needed to confidently navigate the world’s waterways.

Program Aims

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Students will centre their attention on acquiring the aptitudes essential for guiding and overseeing groups within moderate sea states and tidal circumstances featuring currents of up to 4 knots. This journey encompasses imbibing leadership tenets tailored for orchestrating groups in confined landing zones, surf-laden beaches, and executing rescues under advanced conditions. The course equally delves into enhancing individual proficiencies within these contexts. It’s important to note that this program entails considerable physical exertion, requiring participants to be primed for extended periods of paddling under demanding conditions.

Who is participating in this program?  

Students must have Paddle Canada Level 1 Skills or equivalent to participate in this program. We are happy to chat with you in advance to sea if the program meets your needs and goals.  

Program Venues 

Tusket Islands – Encompassing an archipelago adorned with quaint fisherman shanties, the Tusket Islands boast a captivating history deeply intertwined with Acadian culture. Within this realm, possibilities abound for leadership development, tidal strategizing, and navigating tidal races.

Cape Sable Island – Positioned a mere 24 minutes away from West Pubnico, Cape Sable Island proudly hosts the loftiest lighthouse in Nova Scotia, known as “The Hawk.” This island serves as our sea kayak surfing destination, offering an ideal locale for mastering the art of riding the waves.


By participating in this program, you will be eligible for assessment based on the Paddle Canada certification scheme. Clearly defined outcomes have been developed by Committed 2 the Core Sea Kayak Coaching that will be used during an ongoing assessment process. Outcomes will be discuses during the Online learning segment of the program. 

You will have the opportunity to ask question and get clarification on what the following Paddle Canada assessment terms:

  • Full Pass
  • Conditional Pass 
  • Incomplete  

Student are not required to be assessed if they do not wish to receive the certification and want to use this program purely as a development opportunity. 

C2TC Classroom – Online learning 

As an integral component of this program, a series of pre-program online learning sessions will be extended. The Virtual Classroom sessions will precede the program commencement, offering a platform to address inquiries regarding program specifics, gear prerequisites, rendezvous coordinates, and the overall program itinerary. Moreover, these sessions will serve as a fertile ground to sow the seeds of concepts that will flourish throughout the program. To enrich your learning journey during the program, complementary homework assignments will be provided. These Virtual Classroom gatherings have consistently proved their worth, especially during the COVID-19 social distancing measures. Comprehensive details will be shared upon your program registration, ensuring you’re equipped with all the essential information.

Equipment Requirements

Students are all required to have their own paddling gear to participate in this program.  We do offer equipment rentals for this program.  Dry suits can be rented for $30 per day, sea kayak rentals are $75 per day and includes P&H Sea kayak, Lendal Paddle, skirt, bailer, throw rope and helmet if the program requires it. Equipment rentals should be arranged in advance of the program to ensure availability.

“Sea you on the water everyone”