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Planning a day on the water or an extended day expedition requires more then a message to friends with a date and location. During this classroom-based program we will introduce you to a proven template for planning days on the water that can be used by all paddlers regardless of abilities.

Sea you in the classroom. 

Program Location: 5K Cafe Bayers Lake, Halifax

  • January 31 Session 1: Navigating the Open Waters
  • February 28 Session 2: Acquiring Information Prior to Venturing into the Waters
  • March 27 Session 3: Ensuring Safety, Effective Communication, and Skillful Incident Management
  • April 24 Session 4: Coordinating Elements for Successful Days on the Water



Embark on an evening filled with knowledge and interaction, devoted to enriching your expertise and abilities in the realm of sea kayak trip planning. Immerse yourself in a variety of subjects, including chart interpretation, decoding weather forecasts, strategizing for tides, and effectively handling water-related incidents. All of this while you explore the captivating vistas of Nova Scotia’s own backyard. This captivating series is comprised of four distinct segments, each centering around its unique theme.

Our esteemed host, the 5K Cafe, takes immense pride in offering a platform to connect with fellow paddlers and collectively nurture our shared enthusiasm for the sea. Leading the program is Christopher Lockyer, a Paddle Canada Level 4 sea kayak coach, along with his accomplished coaching team. With 28 years of experience navigating and planning along the Nova Scotia Coastline and beyond, Christopher brings a wealth of expertise.

Expect these sessions to be interactive in nature.

Equipment Requirements

Don’t forget to bring along your notepads, charts, tablets, and, most importantly, a spirit of daring exploration.

“Sea you on the water everyone”