Program Price: $400 Two Day $600 Three Day

Program Dates: June 17/18, or August 5-7,  October 3-4, 2023


Stuck out in the Bay of Fundy are two small Islands Brier and Long Island. The water that moves up into the Bay of Fundy every tidal cycle is forced around these two Islands causing some very interesting places to paddle

Program Aims

  • Learn strategies for working in a dynamic tidal environment
  • Practice personal competence in placement, time and movement in tidal environments.
  • Practice group awareness and incident management in a tidal environment.
  • Visit one of the nicest coastal communities in Nova Scotia and experience island living at its best


This program has been developed for the competent paddler who is looking for more control in moving water in a dynamic ever-changing environment. Individuals who are looking to work on leadership in dynamic waters will also learn and enjoy this program. During this program, you will have ample amount of time to paddle the Brier Island environment using the Ebb and the flood tidal streams. Program timings will be dictated by the time of the tides.  

Who is participating in this program?  

Student on this program ideality have participated in a Paddle Canada Level 2 Skills program or have equivalent experience.  

Program Venues 

Flood Tide: Gull Rock Ledge 

Ebb Tide: Peter’s Channel 

Logistics: Brier Island requires us to catch 2 ferries to arrive in Westport to kick off the program. This requires a bit of planning on your part.  Ferry schedules will be provided to students. The program fee includes  a shared accommodation option.  Student staying in the house must be vaccinated against COVID-19

Equipment Requirements

Students are required to have all their own paddling gear to participate in this program.  We do offer equipment rentals for this program.  Dry suits can be rented for $30 per day, sea kayak rentals are $75 per day and includes P&H Sea kayak, Lendal Paddle, skirt, bailer, throw rope and helmet if the program requires it. Equipment rentals should be arranged in advance of the program to ensure availability.

“Sea you on the water everyone”